Summa IQ

A passion for fiduciary advice


SummaIQ started as an effort to improve support for those financial advisors who are committed to their clients as fiduciaries. 

We got tired of product distribution. We are pretty sure our private clients are tired of it too. In recent years, the wealth management industry has witnessed many changes in favor of client advocacy and financial education. But there is still work to do. Financial advice has to move beyond commoditized product channels and towards deep insight customized to unique client situations. 

Summa IQ Team:

Alan C. Deetjen, JD, CLU, ChFC is Co-Founder & Principal of SummaIQ, LLC. Alan has over 30 years of industry experience in executive management and production ranging from insurance, broker-dealer, and advisory channels. His recent role was that of executive director of a wealth management firm and President of its insurance agency. He is directing integration of web based functionality  providing an on-line resource for Sponsor data and RIA due diligence information needed to support fee-based Advisor operations. Alan is also President of Summa Life, LLC an insurance general agency supporting independent  Advisors. Alan has a BA in economics from Univ. of Texas at Austin and his JD from Univ. of Houston.

Genee Swift is SummaIQ's technology director. She has extensive experience developing new applications utilizing database technology.  She is responsible for SummaIQ's technology research and development, and Summa website development.   



Summa IQ: Name

We chose the name “Summa” for three reasons. 1) Its definition as “a work that summarizes a complicated topic”.  Financial topics and products are increasingly becoming more complicated and as information grows rapidly it is more difficult for the Advisor to assess value for his clients. Thus, SummaIQ endeavors to assist Advisors by clarifying the information and bringing greater confidence to them in their due diligence processes.  2) Our slogan “Aggregate.Understand.Decide” represents the process a completed Summa would need to follow to be successful. This process is implemented in each of our affiliated companies as we endeavor to help meet an Advisor’s fiduciary responsibility. 3) “Summa” publications have a long history in western civilization as its modern use derives much meaning from the illustrious work of the scholar, Thomas Aquinas. His “Summa Theologica” of 1274 AD took on the task of explaining complicated Christian theology for the less educated believer.  Our Summa team’s vision is to be on task to help Advisors make prudent decisions affecting their clients by helping them Aggregate, Understand and Decide upon important financial information. And we chose "IQ" to represent  the current "intelligence" we bring Sponsors and Advisors regarding programs and the due diligence process. 

Thus, the "SummaIQ"  name represents our desire to assist both Sponsors and RIAs in  delivering sound programs with sound advise for investors. 



We strive to make it better

Good wealth management requires comprehensive views of our clients financial life, adaptive intelligence to understand ever changing circumstances in real time, and effective insight so advisors can help clients make confident & educated decisions. Our objective is for your clients to become passionate fans of their experience with your advisory services.



Guy M. Serrano  is Co-Founder &  Principal of SummaIQ, LLC. He has over 25 years of industry experience first as a major wire house representative moving into the independent channel as a rep and into executive management. Prior to starting SummaIQ he was providing alternative investment product due diligence for an Independent RIA. He is developing SummaIQ’s relationships with sponsors and RIAs by providing alternative program innovation, due diligence assistance and developing SummaIQ's field consultant resource.  Guy has a BA from Univ. of North Texas.



 The Summa logo at first glance is a modern looking “S” to represent SummaIQ. The three separations of the “S” represent the slogan “Aggregate. Understand. Decide.”. Upon a closer look one can see an optical illusion of the separations as sheets of paper floating down and being compiled into the middle blue page, thus, representing a summary  (summa) of the other sheets and their information. 

In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.
— Robert Arnott