Summa IQ

Tools towards smarter Alternative Investments


It is not about the product. It is about the client outcome. At SummaIQ we are creating a resource focused on empowering your investigation and due diligence as it relates to alternative investment programs. Contact Us to learn more about how SummaIQ can help your advisory practice.

Financial advice too often is indistinguishable from selling products. Perhaps no more so that when we discuss the now overused term, "Alternative Investments". Here's the deal - your clients own assets of all shapes and sizes. A fiduciary's guidance is not relevant only with respect to marketable assets managed in an advisory account. It should extend across all assets. 

SummaIQ brings intelligence to your clients' current and potential exposure to non-marketable assets such as real estate, private placements, real assets, and closely-held businesses. We work closely with the sponsors and principals of non-traditional investments to source robust and reliable due diligence content for Registered Investment Advisors. We do this at no cost for RIA's and with no distribution relationships. This is about driving higher levels of disclosure and transparency so that your clients benefit.

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